“When you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life” – That’s how I feel about my DJ/Production business – I absolutely LOVE doing this!! Aside from that, my unique quality and reason you should book with me is that there’s nothing that can come up that will throw me off. Anything you’ll need throughout the event from an entertainment standpoint; I can handle it. I always bring a backup laptop and speakers with me just in case something goes wrong, and I ran a recording studio for my day job for 4 years in the past so I can work around any kind of setup obstacles!

My name is Adam Carluccio and I’m from Northern Virginia, born and raised. I’ve been doing this professionally now for over 10 years – I spent 3 years on the radio from hosting a morning show in Colorado Springs to hosting the afternoon drive for a Country station in Ocean City Maryland.  I’m a professional DJ, MC, Pianist, Guitarist, Drummer, and Singer, and I’ve played all the main venues from DC to Ocean City.  I’ve been on Fox 5 morning news multiple times as a DJ, podcast host, and drummer, and I say this not to brag but simply to put your mind at ease that you’re getting a professional in me that will take care of you with the attention to detail that you deserve.

Whether you’re looking for a DJ for your wedding or just someone to run Karaoke, I’ve got you covered. Whether you just need speakers and amps to provide sound big enough for a 4,000+ person festival, or you need someone to Emcee the event, too – I’ve got you covered! Even if you need someone to be a speaker at a live event, reciting speeches or presenting vows – I’m your man! Mix in some piano or maybe a little live guitar? I even do that, too!

The best part about working in radio is that I have no problem MC’ing and maintaining a positive vibe with fantastic music, smooth transitions between songs, and the ability to take requests, make announcements, and throw on some karaoke at the drop of a hat – that’s what I do better than most, and I’m excited for the opportunity to do it for you!

I want you to know up front that I realize whatever you’re booking me for is extremely important to you. I give you my word that I’ll treat it as such, too. If you’re close by I’m all for meeting in person – if you’re a little further, I’d absolutely love to speak over the phone or facetime/skype as much as needed in order to go over exact details and anything else you’d need. It’s just as important of a night for me as it is for you, I guarantee it!